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CEA Unit 9
Commercial Design 2
Commercial Design 2 Introduction
Welcome to Unit 9

Unit 9 has you finishing the Keystone Library by adding all the walls, doors,windows, electrical, plumbing, switches, outlets, and furniture it takes to make a full library!  You don’t have to take any formal notes, and the videos provided are just for reference. 

Part 1: Video Gallery

The videos below are provided to help give some direction and insights.  You do not need to watch them all, they’re just all really useful tools if you find yourself getting stuck.  Ask Mr. Benshoof if you have questions!

Starting the Keystone Library

Creating a Ceiling

Curtain Windows

Site Plan Parking Lot

Creating a Second Story

Another Take on Keystone Staircase

Creating a Green Roof

Keystone Site Plan #1

Creating a Staircase

Editing Floors

Curtain Walls with Doors

Keystone Site Plan #2