EDD Unit 6
Individual Projects
Individual Projects Introduction
Welcome to Unit 6

With this unit you’ll be given the freedom to address any real-world problem you’d like.  You should pick a problem that you’re interested in, then you’ll follow the engineering design process to create and evaluate a prototype.  As you do this, you will be expected to:

  • Select and fully define a real-world problem
  • Research, brainstorm, and select a solution you want to build
  • Plan and construct a prototype
  • Evaluate your success and share your work with the class

In addition to our engineering work, we’ll also do some work related to college and the future.  While you’re budgeting time for your game creation, you also need to do one important college tasks.

  • Complete the “College Deadlines Planning Worksheet“ by looking up the deadlines listed

When you’re done you’ll have completed a short engineering project using the engineering design process, built something cool, and looked into the coming college deadlines!

Part 1: Individual Mini-Project

Design Process

By now we know the Engineering Design Process well.  Get started with your project by choosing a problem you want to work on.  It can be a large problem that all of Alaska or our nation faces; you could choose a smaller problem that only affects Fairbanks or Lathrop; you could even choose a small problem that only you and your family deal with.

Once you’ve identified a problem that you think a physical product could address, it’s time to define your problem.  Write up a complete design brief that clarifies the problem, the criteria, and the constraints.  Have Mr. Benshoof approve your idea.

Then, continue your engineering process and develop a solution and prototype!  You can use whatever machines you need to in order to get something together. Be sure to plan your time carefully because you’ll need your finished prototype by the last Friday before finals!  In the end, you’ll get feedback from our class and upload your design to the MIT Think program.


 Learn about your new machine & take detailed notes

 Plan what you want to build

 Have Mr. Benshoof approve your idea

 Build your prototype!

 Give and receive feedback on your prototype

 Complete MIT Think Application

 Have Mr. Benshoof’s check-off your completed prototype

Part 2: College Tasks

College Tasks

In addition to your work on your semester project, you also need to complete the College Deadlines worksheet. The purpose of this worksheet is to get you thinking about what’s going to be happening later this month and during January/February/March as you get ready for graduation and college.


 Complete the “College Deadlines Planning Worksheet“

 Have Mr. Benshoof check-off your planning worksheet! 

EDD Unit 6 Map
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