Introduction to
engineering & design


This class covers concepts in the Engineering Design Process, as well as how to plan, organize, and manage engineering design projects.  Students learn how to use a variety of engineering and makerspace tools, with a special emphasis on Autodesk Inventor Professional.

1st Quarter

Unit 1: Sketching

Due: September 2, 2022

Learning how to sketch using isometric, perspective, multiview, concept, and oblique sketching techniques.

Unit 1: Engineering Design Process

Due: September 23, 2022

An introduction to the Engineering Design Process as we develop a solution concept for a real-world acrtic problem.

Unit 3: Measurement & Statistics

Due: October 14, 2022

Review concepts in unit conversions and variability before designing, sketching, and building your own puzzle cube!

2nd Quarter

Unit 4: Modeling

Due: November 4, 2022

Learn the beginnings of mathematical models and linear regression before jumping in to Autodesk Inventor to learn the basics.

Unit 5: Autodesk

Due: November 23, 2022

Start working with some of the more detailed tools in Autodesk Inventor Professional as you learn all the cool things it can do!

Unit 6: Individual Projects

Due: December 16, 2022

Here’s your chance to make something awesome and develop your own short-term engineering & design project.

3rd Quarter

Unit 7: Reverse Engineering

Due: January 20, 2023

Learn what it takes to reverse-engineer products by using visual, functional, and structural analysis.

Unit 8: Product Enhancement

Due: February 17, 2023

Use your reverse engineering skills to design enhancements for toys and well-known products around you.

Unit 9: Automata

Due: March 10, 2023

Design and build your very own moving Automata.  Start with sketches, then Autodesk, and finally build your machine.

4th Quarter

Unit 10: Design Challenge

Due: April 7, 2023

Work with your engineering design team to tackle a real-world engineering design challenge and develop your own solution.

Unit 11: Simple Machines

Due: April 28, 2023

Review the six simple machines and how they create mechanical advantage before you design and build a simple Rube Goldberg!

Unit 12: Individual Projects

Due: May 12, 2023

Here you get the chance to apply everything you’ve learned about engineeringto plan, design, and build your own project!