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Need a reminder about how to work the machines in our engineering lab and makerspace?  Look here for various how-to videos and resources.

Weekly report

Each week you need to fill out our simple “Weekly Report” to let Mr. Benshoof know how you are progressing.  Access that weekly report here.

engineering blog

Lathrop Engineers solve a lot of really cool projects and make a lot of awesome things.  Check out the work of our Lathrop Engineers in our weekly blog.

makeup work

Missing class?  Check here to make up your missed class time.  From problem solving to reading or listening assignments, you’ll find it all here.

Lathrop Engineering

The Lathrop Engineering Program provides a wide range of engineering electives for high school students at Lathrop in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Our program traditionally starts with either the Engineering & Robotics course or the Introduction to Engineering & Design course.  We then offer specialization courses in Digital Electronics, Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering & Architecture, as well as AP Computer Science.  All of this culminates in the Senior Engineering, Design, and Development course.

Students at Lathrop can take as many of these courses as their interests and schedules allow. Students who make it all the way through the Senior EDD course can compete for the annual Ehnert Prize for Excellence in Engineering. These students also graduate with Lathrop’s Engineering Academy Endorsement.

If you have questions about Lathrop’s Engineering program or would like to ask questions about our curriculum, projects, or organization, then please do not hesitate to contact the teacher, Mr. Benshoof.

Chris Benshoof
Lathrop High School Engineering
901 Airport Way, Fairbanks, AK 99701
(907) 456-7794 x17169