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Come Make Something Awesome

Lathrop’s Engineering Program is all about giving YOU the tools and skills to use math and science to make the world a better place.

Here at our program website you can explore all the different things that our lab has to offer.  

You can do a virtual tour of our engineering workshop, watch videos about each of the 9 courses we offer, and check out cool projects that our engineering students have done.

If you have more detailed questions about the engineering program, contact Mr. Benshoof by email here!

Tour the Engineering Lab Right Here!

Virtual Lab Tour

We’ve created a web-based 3D virtual tour of our Lathrop Engineering lab so that you can check out all the cool stuff available!

You can walk through all our work spaces, learn about our classes, and check out many of the cool projects past students have made.

Check it out above, look at it in full-screen if you want, and if you have a VR setup the virtual tour will work with that, too!

Check Out Our Projects

Great Ideas

The Lathrop Engineering program is all about using math and science to solve problems and make the world a better place.

That takes a lot of different forms as our students design and implement a wide variety of projects – both large and small!

Great Engineers

Custom Camera Arm

Full Size Kayaks

Large Electronics Builds

Custom Game Design

3D Printing (Of Course)

The TurBlo1000 - Our Custom Wind Tunnel

CNC Milling

Big Senior Projects

FTC Robotics

Skateboards, Skis, Snowboards

Custom Projects

Robots of All Sizes

Attention to Detail