Civil engineering & Architecture

An introduction to the ideas of civil engineering and architecture; from designing residential homes to suite the needs of families, to designing for the structural needs of larger scale commercial buildings.  Develop an appreciation for the complexities of building codes!

1st Quarter

Unit 1: Architecture as Art

Due: September 2, 2022

An introduction to classical architectural styles and the elements & principles of design.

Unit 2: Basic Revit Design

Due: September 23, 2022

The beginnings of designing homes by working with a client to plan and organize and new floor plan and Revit layout!

Unit 3: Habitat for Humanity

Due: October 14, 2022

Explore the parameters of the Habitat For Humanity program as you design a modest residential building from the bottom up.

2nd Quarter

Unit 4: Habitat for Humanity #2

Due: November4, 2022

Continue with your Revit model of your Habitat For Humanity house as you add features, furniture, plumbing, and electrical.

Unit 5: Residential Design

Due: November 23, 2022

Use your skills to design a new house based on the Lathrop Designs building codes, and build your design in Revit for VR.

Unit 6: Individual Projects

Due: December 16, 2022

End the semester by taking the time to design, protoptype, and communicate a project of your own choosing!

3rd Quarter

Unit 7: Structural Engineering

Due: January 20, 2023

Learn about the discipline of structural engineering where we use math to make sure buildings stay standing!

Unit 8: Commercial Design

Due: February 17, 2023

Investigate the role of an architect and civil engineer in the design of commercial spaces.

Unit 9: Commercial Design #2

Due: March 10, 2023

Continue your commercial design as you finalize the details of your space in Revit and build a model.

4th Quarter

Unit 10: Large-Scale Design #1

Due: April 7, 2020

Work with a team of designers to create a large-scale commercial design of a school, library, or other large space.

Unit 11: Large-Scale Design #2

Due: April 28, 2023

Continue your work on your large-scale design project, managing team design tasks to get everything done.

Unit 12: Commercial Modelling

Due: May 12, 2023

Finish up your team’s large design with a scale model that shows the ins-and-outs of your commercial space.