Digital Electronics

A course that’s all about digital logic, digital circuits, and the design and creation of circuits that can solve real problems

1st Quarter

Unit 1: Circuit Theory

Due: September 8, 2023

An introduction to Digital Electronics ideas, and the concepts behind the creation of basic digital circuits.

Unit 2: AOI Design

Due: September 29, 2023

How to use the “And, Or, and Inverter” (AOI) logic to design and create working digital circuits!

Unit 3: NAND/NOR Design

Due: October 20, 2023

The use of the “NAND” and “NOR” logic gates to build and simplify larger digital circuits using a cool application of abstract algebra!

2nd Quarter

Unit 4: Displays

Due: November 10, 2023

How 7-segment displays of different kinds can be controlled in a digital circuit and used to share and organize information.

Unit 5: The Birthday Problem

Due: December 1, 2023

Here we bring all the ideas of AOI/NAND/NOR logic together with displays to make a birthday counter!

Unit 6: Individual Mini-Projects

Due: December 15, 2023

We wrap up the semester with a chance to use our knowledge of digital electronics to build our own personal projects!

3rd Quarter

Unit 7: Digital Logic

Due: January 26, 2024

Use more complex digital structures to build a cool digital circuit for counting. ┬áIt’s not as easy as it sounds!

Unit 8: Flip Flops & Counters

Due: February 16, 2024

This unit is all about an IC chip called a “Flip Flop” and how it can be used to save single bits of information and make counters.

Unit 9: Synchronous Counters

Due: March 8, 2024

Here we learn more about different kinds of counters and how we can combine large single-task circuits into even larger ones

4th Quarter

Unit 10: State Machines

Due: April 5, 2024

Next we get to learn how digital circuits are used to control physical machines as we build a few devices that run on digital circuits.

Unit 11: Microcontrollers

Due: April 26, 2024

For those that haven’t seen them, this unit gives us an introduction to microntrollers like the Arduino!

Unit 12: Individual Projects

Due: May 10, 2024

Here you get the chance to apply everything you’ve learned about engineering to plan, design, and build your own project!